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Have you ever witness strange phenomena at home or  know someone in your family or some of your friends  who have also witnessed strange or paranormal phenomena.

Have you ever wondered what happens at night?  What you just saw in the corner of your eye?  Why the door closes on itself. We strive to have the answers to your questions  and help you face the fear of the unknown.

Often, people are faced with a haunting or other unexplained phenomena and do not know where to turn for objective help without judgment. Living and being witness of some  paranormal phenomena can be a difficult,  impossible  to talk with family, friends and peers. We are here to help you, listen to you and understand you.

We are a team of three investigators called  Gatineau Paranormal. Our main goal when our investigation is to confirm the stories about paranormal claims lived in places that we investigate. Our focus is to find scientific explanations for events that occur. Our equipment includes, modified cameras for night vision, digital recorders, sensors to detect electro magnetic field and many others that can capture any paranormal phenomena in order to bring you concrete evidence of what we have lived during our investigation. The result of our investigation will be documented and will be issued on CD in the final meeting following the analysis. Each investigation is unique. Each operation is unique.

Our services are offered free of charge and your privacy is strictly protected. We believe in the paranormal activities as these many independent researchers around the world.

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